Thursday, June 18, 2009

Big Changes to the Julian Society!


I am very pleased to announce that there are wonderful changes to the Julian Society website coming in the next week or two.

A friend who is a world-class web designer is totally renovating the entire Julian Society site. The new design is simply breathtaking... the kind of classy, professional Fortune 500 company graphics that usually cost over $5,000 USD. Quite honestly it is the most stunning design I have ever personally seen.

This professional new look is going to come with new content upgrades as well, such as new resources for the formation of local Julian Society groups. I believe the Julian Society is going to grow and become much more active very shortly!

However, I would like to state that no matter what upgrades happen, membership in The Julian Society will remain free of charge. (Although there may be more very cool things for sale in the online shop soon to help cover costs.)

The important thing remains the continuation of the Emperor Julian's work to restore paganism to it's rightful place as a positive and respected major world religion. This new upgrade to the Society will help achieve that.

Stay tuned, folks. Tell your friends. Better yet, wait till the new site is up and THEN tell your friends!


Marcus Cassius Julianus


BoyintheMachine said...

Great site! Keep up the good work!

Man, if you are able to sell metal statues of the gods in your giftstore I will be doing backflips.

Currently, I only have a brass Isis statue, a brass Cretan snake goddess statue, and a brass egyptian nile goddess statue. I used to have a brass Sobek statue but was stupid and donated it to a local thrift store.

The reason why I am so interested in metal statues is because many of the sources for pagan statues today are switching to resin statues. In this case the word resin actually means plastic.

Take Sacred Source, formerly called JBL statues. They have switched to resin and 'cold cast' metal statues, which are resin mixed with metal powerders. They do say they put a little bit of sacred Ganges clay into the mix, but still it's plastic!

So good luck to you and if possible, please try to seel metal pagan statues. If metal can't be obtained, then at least choose statues that are made of natural substances like stone, clay, marble, etc.

Once again, good luck and great site!

Anonymous said...

I just went to the web site, and it looks great! I didn't know that you guys were still active, but I will definitely think about joining.

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