Tuesday, March 13, 2018

MithraCon 2018!

 MithraCon 2018
 will be fromFriday, April 6th 
to Sunday April 8th. 

This well known meeting in New Haven includes research at one of the Yale University libraries, a Roman potluck dinner, and a visit to the Dura Europa Mithraeum at the Yale museum.

The registration fee $50 if received by March 20th, and $60 afterwards.

The convention is at the Courtyard Marriott at Yale, 30 Whalley Ave, New Haven, CT. 

For more information visit www.mithracon.org

Sunday, April 21, 2013

New England Conference on Mithraic Studies 2014

Greetings all,

The date for the next New England Conference on Mithraic Studies (and other
Roman era religion) has been set! :)

MithraCon 16 will be held at the Courtyard Mariott Hotel in New Haven CT. from
Friday, April 11th to Sunday, April 13th, 2014.

We are working to make MithraCon a larger conference with more structured
presentations and information, while keeping a relaxed and fun atmosphere. This
event will include the following:

Friday, April 11th - Hotel check in and conference room setup. Informal
discussion and shopping, with dinner out at a nearby Indian restaurant, in honor
of Mithra's Indo-European roots. :)

Saturday, April 12th - 11 AM to 5 PM: A day of research at the Yale University
Library. Participants are welcome to research whatever subjects they wish.
(There is a fee to the library for a pass to access the stacks.)

Saturday, April 12th, 6 PM to whenever: A Roman feast in the conference room,
followed by scholarly presentations and discussion. Presentations may be on a
variety of subjects, and should be timed for about 15 minutes each.

Sunday, April 13th - Breakfast, and check-out from the hotel. Conference members
can stay parked at the hotel lot for a walking trip to the Yale University Art
Museum to see the Dura Europos Mithraeum and Mithraic artifacts. The museum
opens at 11:30, we are likely to stay till 1:30 or so. The University Library
also opens at 1PM on Sunday, so anyone wanting can stop at the library for
another few hours of research before returning home! Cars can stay parked at the
Courtyard Mariott until the University library closes without fee.

To attend the conference you need to do two things: Register for the conference
AND register at the hotel.

Registration: $50 until April 5th (must be received by that date), and $60 at
the door. Con registration and checks should go to Dr. Jane T. Sibley, PO Box
123, Haddam, CT 06438. If you have questions, please email Jane at

There will be at least two Byzantium Novum Citizens in attendence, probably
more! :)

For more info: www.mithracon.org (2014 site update pending!)

-Marcus Cassius Julianus

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Big Changes to the Julian Society!


I am very pleased to announce that there are wonderful changes to the Julian Society website coming in the next week or two.

A friend who is a world-class web designer is totally renovating the entire Julian Society site. The new design is simply breathtaking... the kind of classy, professional Fortune 500 company graphics that usually cost over $5,000 USD. Quite honestly it is the most stunning design I have ever personally seen.

This professional new look is going to come with new content upgrades as well, such as new resources for the formation of local Julian Society groups. I believe the Julian Society is going to grow and become much more active very shortly!

However, I would like to state that no matter what upgrades happen, membership in The Julian Society will remain free of charge. (Although there may be more very cool things for sale in the online shop soon to help cover costs.)

The important thing remains the continuation of the Emperor Julian's work to restore paganism to it's rightful place as a positive and respected major world religion. This new upgrade to the Society will help achieve that.

Stay tuned, folks. Tell your friends. Better yet, wait till the new site is up and THEN tell your friends!


Marcus Cassius Julianus

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Mithracon 2008 report

(The New England Convention for Mithraic Studies)

The 11th annual Mithracon was held in New Haven CT on the weekend of April 11th-13th. This year's convention was delightfully casual, with an evening out for Persian food in honor of Mithras, and of course featuring a full day of research at the Yale University Library.

It's amazing how much information simply is not available to the average layperson... much regarding history and ancient religion is written by scholars for scholars, and appears in publications that mostly never see the outside of universities. You can't just walk into these libraries and browse, so Mithracon is an opportunity to get at the rare information your local library just can't procure. This year attendees needed to have new photo ID's made before being allowed into the bookstacks... but the process only took a few minutes and the ID's can be used again next year.

As always, Mithracon included casual discussion time, vendor sales, time for research presentations, (scholarly and otherwise) and a visit to the Yale University Museum as well as the library day mentioned above. A good time was had by all, and plans are underway for next year's convention. Mithracon is highly recommended as a great way to spend time with others passionate about ancient history and religion, as well as a rare research opportunity.

Check out www.mithracon.org in the next few weeks for registration information for 2009!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Website update is started!

Some good news, a much-needed update and expansion of the Julian Society website has begun. Changes to the main page have been put up, and the information about the Society and what it does will be expanded over the next couple of weeks.

The goal is to make the site more informative and to offer more content. This new blog for instance will allow for much more current information to be available! Once the main information has been revamped, it will be time to try working on the bookstore and online shop. Hopefully the Julian Society will be more active once more resources are available to members!

-Marcus Cassius Julianus

Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Julian Society now has a web log!

This web log will be replacing the "newsletter" section of the Julian Society website, www.juliansociety.org. The newsletter was difficult to update on the site, so this new format will allow much more current information to be available from the Society website.
More posts will be made here shortly, once the link to this site has been added to the main page. At last new information...